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Hello from Hortomatic!

Written by Andru

As a food gardener trying to be (mostly) self-sufficient, I’ve always wanted a tool to help me plan my garden, track my crops, predict ripening times, keep track of weather data, and so on, and I’ve never found a tool which really helps.

Hortomatic is my try at creating the tool I so badly wanted and couldn’t find.

There are some tools out there which act as a garden journal, or a social planting community, but trying to use them to store any useful amount of data ends up taking longer than just using a paper & pencil journal, and there’s no pay-back for the extra effort!

A good garden app for food growers needs to work offline, on your phone or computer, and be easy to get your data in quickly. It needs to provide tools to let you visualize your data, and it should help gardeners of all experience levels learn intuitively.

I hope Hortomatic can be this tool.

Today I released the first prototype. It’s rough, and it doesn’t do 1/10th of the things I want it to do in the long run, but we all have to start somewhere.

For now, it’s only available to a few people who are helping me test it. If you’re comfortable with tech and you love gardening, send me an email at hello-at-hortomaticdotcom to join!

That’s all for now. Keep an eye on the blog for screenshots as I continue working on things.